Internship at NAB Show 2016

A New Internship Experience

I just got back from a week-long internship in Las Vegas at the NAB Show. Wow, what an amazing experience!

I was one of nine students selected nation-wide to be an intern for Waskul.TV’s StudioXperience production team. CEO Steve Waskul had a booth at NAB for the fifth year in a row, and again invited interns to come help produce the interviews he held with technology gurus.

I randomly applied for this internship, thinking it was a long shot. When I received the acceptance e-mail I was both surprised and excited! Within short notice, I packed my bags and headed out to “Sin City”.

I showed up on a Saturday afternoon and was immediately thrown into helping set up the studio booth. It was a lot of hands-on work that taught me how much work goes into throwing together a live studio production in just hours.

Monday through Thursday, I worked the convention as part of the production team. I manned a camera and took commands from my technical director. I tilted, zoomed, and panned when necessary. I made sure the cameras were in focus, iris was at the correct level, and everything was white balanced. It wasn’t anything new to me, but it was nice to apply my skills and put them to the test!


I also worked in editorial throughout the week. I applied my multi-camera editing skills in Premiere Pro to make sure the interviews we were live-streaming were correctly and professionally edited so that they could be turned over and posted online for post-show viewing.

I also had the opportunity to be on camera live to introduce the next guests that Steve Waskul would be interviewing. This was a good test to practice my on-air presence and delivery. I enjoyed it!

Thursday afternoon I was one of six interns that Steve Waskul invited up on stage to interview. He talked to us about our internship experience, our plans for the future, and what we thought of NAB. It was nice to be able to get more on-air time although I was the one being interviewed, not the other way around.

Thursday late into the night I was part of the team tearing down the studio. This was also a lot of heavy and hard hands-on work, but a good experience all the same. It opened my eyes to how much work a quick tear down can be!

The production overall was fast-paced and demanding. I spent most of the week on my feet for 12 hours a day, talking with booth visitors and making sure the production went as seamlessly as possible.

It was an important experience for me to see how yet another production team works and gets things done. The experience wasn’t too different from what I’m used to with news, but it was still a good learning experience.

The best part about the internship was definitely the atmosphere at the NAB Show altogether. I’ve never attended something like that before. Over 100,000 attendees all interested in technology and the newest creations. So much of the product was way over my head, but that is what made it so cool. The world is huge and my small news experience has been great, but doesn’t even scratch the surface of what is out there. Virtual and augmented reality, 360 video and editing, unbelievably fast wires and hard drives, and so much more.

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I made great friends with a handful of the other interns, and I got a chance to network at the BEA Career Fair. Overall, the week-long experience was well worth it and useful for my future!


I’m hoping the videos get posted to the website soon so I can show more of my work from that week!