Advanced Video Production

Advanced video production class requires I meet extreme deadlines, preparing me for my future.

My advanced video production class posts all our work on our website.

This week in my advanced video production class (JMC 114), we were asked to spend one class period out and about on campus, creating a one-minute story about an object on campus. We were not allowed to use any narration – only video, music, and natural sound.

While this is not exactly a news-related piece, it required quick thinking and creativity. Sequencing and the ability to tell a story is important in both creative pieces and hard-hitting news spots.

One of my favorite parts of creating video packages is the editing.

I started working with Premiere Pro in high school, and I find the process of creating a story from the ground-up very interesting. It’s takes time and patience, but it’s something that I can be careful with and apply my perfectionist ways to.

This photo shows what my computer looks like while I'm editing projects.

This photo shows what my computer looks like while I’m editing projects.

This project gave me the opportunity to really combine all the ideas in my head, from when I was shooting, into a finished product. I liked piecing together different angles and camera shots into a cohesive story that flowed well.

This project was one of many that my professors has assigned us in the past month. Each Tuesday we come to class and she sends us out on campus for an hour and half with a camera. Every Tuesday the assignment is different. We always have to return the camera by the end of class, but the time frame in which we have to edit the piece differs.

Some days, we have until Thursday to turn it in as a final product. Others, we have to edit the video and upload it by the end of class. Those days are crazy and stressful, rushing to get things done in time. But they’re great experience. Working on a deadline is a daily thing for journalists, and being required to do so in class is only preparing us for what’s to come in our futures.

As our class finishes up this semester, we have one final project — a documentary. Each individual, or groups of two, must produce a 4-6 minute documentary about something. We have to do our own shooting, writing, producing, and editing.

My partner and I are hard at work on a story about the store RAYGUN in Des Moines. Check back in to see the finished product within the next coming weeks!