S.O.S. Summit

Leadership Capstone aims to get college students active in making a change on campus statewide with S.O.S. Summit

My LEAD capstone class has been working hard all semester on an event we like to call the S.O.S. Summit. The “Students Originating Solutions Summit” is scheduled to take place on December 5th at Drake University.

The S.O.S. Summit will provide an open forum for student representatives from a variety of colleges in the state of Iowa. Topics of discussion will focus on race relations, mental health, sexual assault/interpersonal violence and LGBTQ issues.

The summit will be the first student-led conference of its kind.

There will be students from colleges across Iowa, and it is our goal for each attendee to leave with the tools and inspiration to promote change on their campus.

Throughout the course of the semester, my class has literally formed this summit from the ground-up with no guidance from a professor or instructor.

We think that S.O.S. Summit Posterchange needs to be made on college campuses across Iowa and that the best way to start that change is student-led. We have a keynote speaker, three breakout speakers, and three breakout sessions planned for the day. The goal is to initiate discussion amongst students from different schools to brainstorm
ideas and solutions for the hot-button topics our summit is centered around.

The S.O.S Summit will run from 10am to 5pm, and provide lunch for all attendees. Drake Students will be among students from at least 10 different Iowa colleges. Hopefully, all students will leave the summit with ideas on how to tackle issues on their own campuses.

My class has put a lot of work into this, and we are very excited to see our hard work pay off. As you might imagine, we have been through many ups and downs over the course of the semester, but we are determined to see this through as a success.

As we reach our final two weeks before the summit, we are working on marketing to Drake students and preparing material for attendees the day of. We’ve got all of our speakers lined up and are really excited to see what the speakers bring to the discussion.

In my opinion, there is no better way to finish off my concentration in Leadership Education and Development at Drake University. I’ve gone through the classes, learned all the principles, and now I’m applying them fully and to my best ability. It’s amazing to see what hard work, knowledge, and teamwork can combine to create.