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Claire Powell Profile

Claire Powell works with her camera equipment before heading out on assignment for the day.

Hands on work in video production class

In my advanced video production class (JMC 114) here at Drake, we were given an assignment to create a profile on someone for our class website.

For the assignment, my professor required I write a profile on a professional in our field of study.

The profile had to be a short, written article with additional photos and a few video clips for added content.

I chose to profile Claire Powell, a TV news reporter I got to know very well while interning at Channel 5 in Des Moines last summer.

I aimed to learn what led Claire to where she is today. I asked her all about her childhood. What interested her in TV reporting? How did she get started? How did she end up where she is today?

It was interesting to find out that Claire grew up on a farm with interest in veterinary science, not journalism. She attended Iowa State and just happened to find her fit in the TV news world.

Since then, Claire graduated from Iowa State and found her first job at Local 5 in Des Moines, where she continues to work today. Claire works general assignment Monday through Friday. Once a week she does “Farm to Family” feature stories.

The most unique part of Claire’s job is that she is an MMJ, meaning she is a multi-media journalist. She does it all on her own. She shoots, interviews, writes, and edits each package all by herself. She lugs the equipment around on her shoulders all over the state, and she does it with a smile.

Claire isn’t sure where she wants to end up in the future. Applying her journalism skills in a different state is something she wants to try, but ultimately she isn’t sure if she wants to stay in the TV news business.

For now, Claire is happy where she is. She lives in Des Moines with her fiance and new boxer puppy, Nash.

Take a look at the other photos and video clips that go along with the profile. Plus, hear what Claire suggests that new and young journalists do to stand out in the world of journalism.

The profile is one of many of my projects that will be posted on our class website over the semester. Check it out!