Podcast: A Day in the Life

An inside look at the lives of unique Des Moines characters.

This semester, my Audio News Reporting class presented me the opportunity to create a podcast with my classmates for our final project. We spent most of the semester writing news articles and creating audio stories. I attended city council meetings, did data research about millennials and their marriage habits, studied police and court records to cover a case, and I visited rallies of political candidates. But our stories for the podcast we put together were more fun.

With the idea of our podcast surrounding around the idea of feature stories, we were asked to find a unique “character” in Des Moines. We could choose anyone from anywhere…it just needed to interest us. Being the athletic guru that I am, I decided to contact each and every workout class in the Des Moines area. That included YMCAs, high-end facilities, and tiny classes held in church basements.

workout class

Members of the class work hard during their extended, 75 minute class, each Saturday.

After hearing back from multiple options, I decided that a kickboxing class at Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping would provide the best sound for an audio story. I envisioned the kicks and punches on the bags spicing up my story. Grunting, shouting, the music — all of it adding to an inside view of what the program offered, and especially what the instructor of the classes had to say.

So, early one Saturday morning I pulled myself out of bed and drove to a 7 a.m. kickboxing workout class. For 75 minutes, I watched a group of dedicated people kick, punch, crunch, and sweat. I had a lot of fun, and was surprised by how much I learned that I didn’t already know.

Our class combined all of our features, wrote color lines to weave in and out of our stories, and put it together for what ended up being just short of a half hour of material. Take a listen, here.