Multimedia Production at Wright Service Corp.

Living Life Wright

It’s been about a month since I was hired at Wright Service Corp. in West Des Moines to do multimedia production. So far, the experience has been great!

Wright Service Corp. is the parent company of places like Wright Outdoor Solutions and Wright Tree Service. It’s located in the middle of nowhere in West Des Moines, and it’s got an amazing group of people that work there, and a pretty awesome work environment.

Wright Outdoor Solutions logo

photo courtesy of Wright Outdoor Solutions

I was hired as part of the Marketing and Communications department to do a random handful of things – photograph landscape and garden projects so that marketing can use them on social media and the website, upload and organize hundreds (seriously, maybe thousands) of photos into an online photo software, and create internal training videos for the company. But I’ve already gotten to do so much more!

I’ve helped review the new website they are launching in the next few weeks, I’ve traveled to Kansas on my first official “work trip” to get photos and video of a training session. I’ve purchased camera and lighting equipment for my use at the company. I’ve edited video (YAY!), and I’ve taken a lot of photos of trees and flowers. I’ve attended many meetings about marketing, and meetings about online training software. I’ve even done yoga and bike rides during my lunch break. Soon I’ll be creating scripts for three different videos, and eventually produce said videos. I’ll also be channeling my inner portrait photographer (that I’ve yet to find) to take head shots of employees at one of the companies! So far, I’ve had a great time and it’s only been a month.

While this position may not be news-related or something I’d like to do for the rest of my life, it is teaching me a lot. I don’t have any marketing experience prior to this position. I’m well aware that moving forward, if I want to work for a marketing or advertising agency doing video production, marketing experience is definitely a value to have. So that’s why this opportunity is so great! I’m having an awesome, educational time with fantastic people at a brand new, “foreign” place to me. I couldn’t ask for any better company to dip my feet into marketing with. I hope to grow into an even more rounded-professional as I add marketing to my list of experiences.