MASHUP: Episode 1

MASHUP is live! My senior journalism capstone class has officially launched our site, Urban Plains!

Urban Plains

Urban Plains is a website for the twenty-something living in the Midwest looking for entertainment. Lifestyle, issues, tech, and art. All combined in video, audio, and text form.

Our class of 40 students has been working endlessly to create such a site that delivers quality content, covering a range of topics.


The “squad” I’m in, called Desolation of Squad, crafted the idea we call the MASHUP series. MASHUP brings together two local artist, gives them an hour to create a new song, and then records the final product. It has been really cool to bring together contrasting artists and see what they come up with!

Mash UP: Episode 1

As one of the only video-knowledgable students in Desolation of Squad, my job has been the production and post-production of MASHUP. The day of, I get cameras and light set up, and make sure sound is coming through loud and clear.

After we wrap, I get to edit. As the production is a 4-camera shoot, I have a ton of footage to work on. It’s so much fun to craft the final video with cutaways and close-ups, and then add effects.

Our first episode was just posted to the site. It was probably the toughest to edit and put together because the so many different instruments and people were involved. Plus, the song is almost nine minutes long!

I spent over a week editing this video, and in my opinion – it turned out FANTASTIC!

To start, we brought in Ima Kulture and Paul Virgilio. They created mixed African music with a cello. The result is beautiful. You can read more about each artist on our site.

I’m extremely proud of the first MASHUP episode, and can’t wait to finish up the other three episodes and show them as well.

Check them out!