ESPN & Drake Athletics

ESPN, editing, and lots of basketball

Over the last couple of months, I’ve immersed myself in my job with Drake Athletics Creative Services. Twice a week I stop in for office hours where I work on pre-produced content. Every weekend and a few nights a week, I work one of many different positions for Drake’s ESPN3 broadcast of the Missouri Valley Conference athletic events.


When I’m working in the office twice a week, I get to edit — my favorite thing! I get handed something new each time, ranging from the men’s basketball intro video to quick 30-second ads used during timeouts during the games in the gym.

Last Tuesday, I came in and was asked to put together a quick package about the men’s soccer team watching the announcement of making it into the NCAA tournament. It was really fun to put this together, see it below.

Game day production

During actual basketball games, I am able to fill many different positions. Drake recently began a partnership with ESPN. All Missouri Valley Conference match-ups held at Drake University are now broadcasted on ESPN3, thanks to our crew!

I generally work replay on the 3Play system we have. I capture each play and get it ready to playback when my director needs some footage. Additionally, I put together mini packages for both teams of replay footage for my director to cue during timeouts and half time. At the end of the night, I put together a highlight package to be posted on Drake’s athletic site after the game.

Working replay is a really intense position. I wouldn’t say I enjoy it, but I do like the challenge. It requires me to be tuned in to what’s going on at all times. I have three different people telling me what to do at one time, and I’m expected to be able to keep focus and do my job correctly. I’m definitely still learning, and have a lot of room for improvement – but so far it’s been a great experience!

I also work the live events graphics for some games. Having this position means I am in charge of cuing up all the graphics on the screen. The score bug, the statistic boxes, and the “player of the game” graphics are all my responsibility. If my director asks for the graphic, I better already have it ready to go. This is also a fairly intense position. I can’t mess up. There’s no trial or run-through before. When I click play, the graphic shows up for everyone who is watching at home online.

In the coming months, I hope to learn even more about the ESPN broadcast, and get comfortable with all of the positions available. I really enjoy working the production side of things, and while it’s not my end goal in life, I think it’s important to understand that side of things.